Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to become an achiever in life

  • 1)  set goals to satisfy your important needs: Most people are told that they must have goals in order to have a useful life. As a result those people try to find anything useful to do even if they don't really have passion for it. Achievers on the other hand are self motivated because they only go after what they really want not what was forced upon them by peer pressure
  • 2)  take full responsibility: All achievers without exceptions understand that they are responsible for whatever they are going through. In other words, they don't blame luck, the government, the economy or the unfairness of life but instead they strongly believe that they can change their fate with their own hands. That's the main reason why Achievers never give up. Because they have no one to blame other than themselves giving up makes no sense to them
  • 3) have a burning desire to reach their goals: How would you react if you were lost in the desert without any water then suddenly saw a car passing by? How fast are you going to run towards that car? How loud are you going to shout so that someone hears you? This is similar to the burning desire all achievers have. 
  • 4) have Perfect self understanding: There is an important question that might have came to your mind, what if you don't have a burning desire for anything? The difference between a person who has a burning desire to reach something and a one who doesn't know what he wants in life is the lack of self understanding. When you understand yourself very well you will find out the things that you are in need of the most and as a result you will have that burning desire required to become an achiever