Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Secret story

Since I was small, I have always wanted a soul mate - a person who can share everything with me, and where we can assist each other on our journey. A few months ago, I met this person whom I instantly felt an attraction to, but I didn't think too much about it since i didn't really take it seriously
We had become close friends and out of the blue, in a friend's gathering night, I felt the attraction for this person had increased tremendously (and I felt he also had the same feeling), so I decided to use the law of attraction to attract a beautiful relationship with this person. I had this very deep knowing that we were meant to be - I kept this faith firm and strong.

I trusted the universe was arranging circumstances to let this happen - sometimes I did get doubts and worry due to  my past.Since I was small, I have always wanted a soul mate - a person who can share everything with utter interference, but intuitively I knew that whatever happened, they were just catalysts that would bring us together. So each day goes by, and I kept myself positive and watching romantic video clips, visualizing our dates, our wedding, and our child. I had a lot of vivid dreams of him, so I took these dreams as a good omen of what was coming into reality. When I lacked patience - which we often do I believe! - I just affirmed to myself that we are going to get married next year no matter what.- right now the feeling is that of anger and deceit... how could he? how could he waste my time just like that...

it gets me thinking ....am i ready to commit again?